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Books : Her literary background and her passion towards the Tamil literature enhanced her in writing books like. * Hindu dharmam enna solgiradhu * Noorandu inba sutrula

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Interested can contact 98840 89966 / 98849 83800 for buying our products.

DVD : Her spiritual involvement had facilitated for her recital in the topics like.

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Thirupugazh class

Thirupugazh is written by Arunagirinadhar by the grace of Lord Muruga. Now people are struggling to read and understand the meaning of Thirupugazh as it was written in pure Tamil Language. Smt. Desa Mangaiyarkarasi is conducting Thirupugazh Class starting from 7th Jan 2018 to all the interested people. This is to spread the uniqueness and significance of Thirupugazh to all Tamil people.

Course Duration – 1 Year
Monthly fees – Rs.150/- only
Classes – Only on Sunday (monthly once)
Time – 9 AM to 11 AMr
Age – Anyone can participate if the age is above twelve (12)
Venue – V.M.A. Sree Nidhi Hall, Aryagowda Road, West Mambalam, Chennai
Note: The first Thirupugazh class committee is in progress. The next Thirupugazh group will start the bookings in a short time.
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Interested can contact 98840 89966 / 98849 83800 for booking details.

Spiritual Products

Even the smallest spiritual tweak to your daily routine (think of a simple coffee cup bar switch-up) can transform your life, generate positive energy, and set your soul on fire! Stimulate your mind and awaken your body with these *divine* must-haves.

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Spiritual calendar

Habitually, we look up at calendars as a medium of verifying the dates, good times and rasi and nakshatram, etc but unlike other calendars, the calendar which is being circulated by us has many specific features on it. This calendar divulges the significance of our Hindu Religion. Smt. Desa Mangaiyarkarasi has written the script and designed the calendar in such a way to enable even a common man to realize the importance of Hindu Religion and belief. This Calendar has been published every year with varied concepts which are closely related to mankind and their way of living.
Year 2014 – She had focused on the Hindu festivals, importance and significance of festivals and how to celebrate the same in a proper way.
Year 2015 – she had focused on the basic needs of a human beings and had provided relevant Tamil Padhigangal (Slokas) to fulfil the basic needs of a human being. This diversified Padhigangal which forms part of the calendar includes slokas related to how to earn more money, to solve the infertility problems, students to get good marks, to cure the diseases like diabetes, heart problems, eye problem, stomach ache, to own a good house, to live long life, etc., which are very essential and the basis of human life.
Year 2016 – she had focused on concept of how to make our home as temple and gave various messages and things to be followed in our home
Year 2017 – provided solutions for all kind of Dhosangal
Year 2018 – 100 Padhigam of Abirami Andhaadhi and Usage of chanting of each Padhigam with explanation
Calendar Cost is Rs.100/- and courier charges are extra depends on the location.
Note : Smt. Desa Mangaiyarkarasi had also designed a special calendar for Kuwait Tamil Sangam this year which portrays the features of Tamil Language, Culture and our hospitality. The exclusive specialty in this calendar is that it is being designed with Tamil vowels.