Desa.Mangayarkkarasi was born on 19th May 1984 to Mr.Devi Shanmugam and Mrs.Bakiyalakshmi as an elder daughter in the headquarters of Tamil literature, Madurai. She was named as Mangaiyarkarasi by the great Variyar Swamigal . The Prefix of her name DESA is her initial which is derived from the first two letters of her father’s name Mr DEvi SAnmugam. Her father Mr.Devi Shanmugam is a drama actor and a playwright who is based out from Thanjavur District however shifted to Madurai for his professional life. She is married to Mr. Sakthi Subramaniam on 28th August 2008 and has been blessed with twin boys who are named as Kruba Nandhan (gratitude towards her Guru) and Kruthik Nandhan.


Desa Mangaiyarkarasi’s talents soon gained world-wide identity and she made her first overseas trip to Sri Lanka for oration at the age of 13 years.
Even before she is 30 years of age, she had already been a highly prevalent reciter in India and abroad for the past 20 years. Her strong literary background supplemented her performance in countries like Sri Lanka, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Singapore, Malaysia, Dubai, Indonesia, Seychelles, etc. Her orations are regularly telecast in all the Television channels in Tamil Nadu and it can also be viewed in You Tube.
She had attained a milestone of more than 10 thousands concerts in both India and abroad. She embraces different panache to suit the broad spectrum of perception of the listeners but never compromises on the eminence of the content. Her discourse not only has religious and spiritual notions but it also elevates the motivational and constructive thoughts of the people towards the promotion of the society by kindling the core values of life.

Social Services


Smt. Desa Mangaiyarkarasi is offering Nithya Annadhanam through her trust on daily basis. At least 50 members are getting benefited by this Nithya Annadhanam. She is doing this Annadhanam in a Village called Old Batlagundu in Dindukkal District.


Providing scholarship amount to the financially weak students however interested in studies.


Providing cloths, sweets and medicines to the elder people on festival times.
Distributed food packets (more than 3000 members benefited) and cloths (Sarees, Dhotis and shirts to more than 1000 people) to the flood affected people in Chennai.


Awards and Recognition

She had also received many titles and awards for her contribution in the literary world across many countries Tamil Nadu (India) – Thirukural Selvi, Dheivak kuzhanthai, Sollarasi, Gnana Kuzhanthai, Ilamudhu gnana vani, Kalaivani, Computer Sirumi, Pechukkarasi, Sinthanai Selvi, Aanmeega Thilagam, Aanmeega Sorpozhivu Perarasi, Aanmeega Ilavarasi, Muthamizh Perarasi, Guruvart Selvi, Kirubanandha Vaani, etc.,

  • Srilanka -Saiva Sironmani
  • Seychelles -Aanmeega Arutselvi
  • Swiss -Saivathamizh Kalaivani, Muthamizh Sivaselvi, Arulmozhi nangai, Senthamizh thenmozhi nangai, Navukkarasi
  • London -Thiruvarut kalaiselvi, Iraiyarutselvi
  • Malaysia -Aanmeega Arasi
  • Kuwait -Natramizh Naayagi
  • Canada -Vaakeesa Kalanidhi
  • Thiruvavadudurai Aadheenam -Received an award called “Senthamizh Naavukkarasi” from Thiruvavadudurai Aadheenam on Feb 2017
  • Koonampatti Kalyanapuri Aadheenam -Received an award called “Saiva Samaya Neri Senjudar” from Thiruvavadudurai Aadheenam on June 2017
  • She is the recipient of several awards, including, ‘Kalaimamani’ the highest award for arts and culture given by the Tamilnadu Government – normally given to artists for their lifetime achievements, Mangayarkarasi received this award in her 20s, the youngest ever to win it.
  • She has received Rajiv Gandhi – Moopanar memorial Award on 2011.

Thirupugazh class

Thirupugazh is written by Arunagirinadhar by the grace of Lord Muruga. Now people are struggling to read and understand the meaning of Thirupugazh as it was written in pure Tamil Language. Smt. Desa Mangaiyarkarasi is conducting Thirupugazh Class starting from 7th Jan 2018 to all the interested people. This is to spread the uniqueness and significance of Thirupugazh to all Tamil people.

Course Duration – 1 Year
Monthly fees – Rs.150/- only
Classes – Only on Sunday (monthly once)
Time – 9 AM to 11 AMr
Age – Anyone can participate if the age is above twelve (12)
Venue – V.M.A. Sree Nidhi Hall, Aryagowda Road, West Mambalam, Chennai
Note: The first Thirupugazh class committee is in progress. The next Thirupugazh group will start the bookings in a short time.
Enquiry Form
Interested can contact 98840 89966 / 98849 83800 for booking details.

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Her exposure to Thirukkural began at the tender age of three years even before she learnt Tamil. Mangaiyarkarasi attributes this to the fact that her mother Mrs. Bakiyalakshmi had written the script for the play, ‘Thiruvalluvar’ as dictated by her father when she had conceived her and her spiritual knowledge and her interests in Tamil literature started before her birth.
She was taught 10 Thirukkurals every night before going to sleep by her mother and it was expected to be narrated the subsequent day morning which was the base for her involvement in Tamil literature. She had done this every day to receive the chocolates which was the incentive given to encourage her. Smt. Desa Mangaiyarkarasi was a child prodigy. She won her first award at the age of 4 years for Kural recitation contest which is the beginning of her success story. She can recite all the 1330 Thirukkurals by heart at the age of 6 which she believes is the foundation for her career as an “Orator”.
Her father was a great fanatic of Kirupananda Variyar and will never miss any of his recites in and around Madurai. It is his habit to take Mangaiyarkarasi along with him to hear Variyar’s discourses. Variyar’s recites attracts the audience at all ages which paved the way for the bonding of Smt. Mangaiyarkarasi with her guru Variyar Swamigal. She was captivated by his declamation and always longed to listen to him. Mangaiyarkarasi was always seated behind Variyar Swamigal on stage during his discourses which helped her to gain more knowledge about Hindu religion and also improved her listening skills.
During Variyar’s discourse on Ramayanam at the Aadi Veedhi in Madurai, in the midst of thousands of spectators he announced proudly that till now you have seen Madurai Meenakshi in the temple and today you will be graced by her speech and asked Smt. Mangaiyarkarasi to address them. It was an impromptu arangetram(Commencement) which was never expected by her and all she knew that time was about Thiruvalluvar and Thirukural. Before she came out of the astonishment, Variyar Swamigal himself suggested her with a topic and her first topic was “Thirukkuralum Idhigasamum” which was initiated by her guru. She started talking and her first discourse duration was 45 minutes. Seeing a six-year old talk undaunted on stage sent the crowd into raptures.
Desa. Mangayarkarasi grasped the nuances of Kamba Ramayanam, Villi Bharatham and Kanda Puranam gradually from Variyar Swamigal. Soon she became popular in Madurai and its surroundings, for Variyar gave her enough opportunities to speak at his discourses.
Though she started her career as a Tamil orator independently, she always continued to be part of Variyar Swami’s lectures as a countenance of her respect towards Guru. Variyar Swamigal patterned the rare talents of Mangaiyarkarasi and mentored her to entitle her as his disciple and successor to imbibe truth and righteousness in the minds of people and sow the seed of devotion in them. She had attained this level by adhering to the sturdy principle of “ Never under estimating the audience with esteem to the stage with a strong literature flow from self without referring to books on stage” which she shadows the advice of Variyar Swamigal as an authentic student.
She tails Variyar’s guidance like water flowing uninterrupted from the falls which serves the people, the wisdom and the knowledge on religious facts flows like a torrent from her to educate people about the knowledge of Self(Athma) through stories and show them the path of liberation. Her speaking talent is incessant without any disruption and her recites endures as a stream without any excerpt to knowledge material. To describe her as brilliant is irony and her talents are unmatched. Her recites cover a wide range of religious and spiritual topics which helped transmit cultural, educational and religious values to the masses and she is popular with listeners of all age groups ranging from kids to elders which are her inborn gift.

  • Mangaiyarkarasi In Channels
  • PODHIGAI TV - Have done discourses in the name of “Saivam Valartha Sundharath Thamizh” for more than 3 years which is available in U tube.
  • SUN TV - Hosting a Program called “Dheiva Dharisanam” in Sun TV on both Saturdays and Sundays. She is hosting this program starting from 2009 and still this program is being telecasted every week in Sun TV. Program time is 7 am to 7.30 am.
  • VIJAY TV - Doing Spiritual Discourses in Vijay Bhakti Thiruvizha continuously every year.
  • MAKKAL TV - Doing Spiritual Discourses in all the festival programs